One of the Highland’s Leading Court Practices

The firm opened its doors in Inverness 20 years ago offering services primarily in the area of litigation.  The firm's director is Donald M. MacKenzie and we provide assistance to our clients in the areas of Family Law, Civil and Commercial Litigation, Landlord & Tenant Issues, Personal Injury and Road Traffic Law.   We act for clients throughout the Highlands & Islands and regularly appear in the local courts. 

Can we help?

Your time is valuable.  We don't want to waste it.  We know from experience, that for some clients the initial contact with a solicitor is difficult.  Picking up the phone or walking into their office makes real that problem you thought was going to go away.  You might fear sizeable legal bills?  Whatever, we are committed to trying to overcome such fears and find out as quickly as possible what we can do to help.

For this reason we offer a free introductory interview - an appointment of up to half an hour when we can get the measure of the problem that is worrying you and see how we can help.  Alternatively contact us by using the link on the Contact Page and briefly describe the nature of the problem.  There are certain rules of the Law Society of Scotland which mean we cannot offer advice in that initial e-mail contact but we will be in touch within 24 hours to confirm if we think we can help.  If we can be of assistance, an appointment can quickly be arranged.